Woods & Finishes

Hallidays are committed to a sustainable approach, our Standard mantelpieces and fireplaces are hand carved from the finest quality PEFC certified Baltic Pine, which has been specially selected for its environmental credentials, grain and figuring; and for its superior finish once stained.

Hallidays mantelpieces and fire surrounds are hand stained to a variety of colour options using special stains created in our polishing workshops. Our Mantelpieces are usually supplied stained and waxed to a natural 'Aged Pine' finish, a darker 'Antique Finish' is also available, as is a lighter 'Limed Finish'. Mantelpieces can also be supplied untreated, if subsequent painting is required.

Pine can be stained to the colour of other woods such as American Cherry, Walnut, Light or Dark Oak and Mahogany, and we are also able to undertake special comissions in a variety of timbers, match the colour to existing woodwork, or even paint our mantelpieces with a Marble finish.

Polished mantelpieces will require little maintenance and will develop a unique patina over time. The occasional application of any good clear household wax will enhance the finish, a soft brush should be used for highly carved examples.

Traditionally, mantelpieces are insulated from the fire by polished marble, slate, or - in some cases - brick. We therefore supply a wide range of co-ordinating materials to complement your own colour scheme. You can see the various different ways of fitting these in the photos we've used in our galleries.

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